PhD Candidate

Watershed Hydrology

North Carolina State University



I am a PhD Candidate at North Carolina State University in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources Watershed Ecology Lab (advisor Dr. Katherine Martin).

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, my passion for watershed science manifests in research on water resources in the US Southeast.

My current research analyzes how changing conditions, like land cover conversion and climate change, will affect both water quantity and quality and the potential of forested land to mitigate negative impacts. 

Quick Facts:


B.S. Sustainability Science, B.A. Politics and International Affairs, Furman University

M.S. Natural Resources, GIS Certificate, NC State University

Research Interests: 

watershed hydrology, socio-hydrology, environmental justice, environmental policy

Personal Interests: 

enjoying the outdoors through running, scenic hiking, walking my dog, haphazard gardening, and falling down while skate/snow/wakeboarding.